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Auto Electrical Services

Today’s cars have more electronic systems included  then there were in previous generations. With every new generation more and more electronic systems are being added vehicle to the auto electrical systems to improve the performance and safety of your vehicle.

From complex ignition system to brakes everything is now controlled with some or the other form of electronic system. Thus only a proper certified mechanic can and should service and repair such systems.

Hence auto electrical systems are critical and should be looked after, specially as you clock years on your car, constant heating and cooling makes the metal in the wire brittle and prone to breaking.

Also the connections gather dirt and oil from the engine and the vibration and heat makes the plastic components to be distorted. We at Target Automotive will check, replace or repair those connectors and wires in your cars auto electrical systems.

At Target Automotive we have the technical acumen to diagnose, service and repair every part of auto electrical system of your car from testing sensors to battery management. We provide full wiring looms for any car and install it, checking and replacing relays and switches, various sensors and also bulbs and servo motors.