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Auto Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning system is a vital system of a car that is usually ignored till it stops performing. Hence it is important to make sure that each part of the system is checked during routine inspection. 

Air conditioning systems usually require servicing once every two years. Servicing usually involves changing the refrigerant gas or re-gassing as it is referred, replacing the lubricant oil and making sure that there are no leaks to ensure you have the cooling that you need during the hottest time of the year.

If your air conditioning system is running weak, you may want to bring your car to our service centre to get it checked. Over time the gases escape from the climate control system, it could be leaks from rubber seals or gaskets due to wear and tear over time.

Also when the air conditioning system or climate control is not used over long time, usually that is during winter. Thus we advice you to run your air conditioning system once in a while for it to function at optimal condition.